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Silverton Senior Center Board Members

2024-2025 SASI Executive Officers / Board Members

Joanne Pfau - President, term ends 2025

Jenny Ohren- Vice President, term ends 2025

Connie Barkley - Secretary, term ends 2025

Terry Brandon - Treasurer, term ends 2026

Dee Martin, term ends 2026

Terry Brandon, Treasurer

Jim Wilson, term ends 2026

Susan Downey, term ends 2027

Jan Holowati, term ends 2027

Tammie Sakai, term ends 2027


The Silverton Senior Center is governed by an Executive Director and a Board of Directors. A board member is a volunteer position with a term limit.

SASI Board Bylaws

SASI Board Member Job Description

A Silverton Senior Center board member is a volunteer position responsible for providing oversight, guidance, and direction to the organization. Board members are expected to attend regular meetings, participate in decision-making processes, and act in the best interest of the organization and its mission.

Key responsibilities of a board member may include:

  1. Setting strategic direction and goals for the organization
  2. Ensuring the organization is in compliance with all legal and ethical standards
  3. Monitoring financial performance and ensuring fiscal responsibility
  4. Providing guidance and support to the executive director and staff
  5. Fundraising and donor cultivation
  6. Advocating for the organization and its mission in the community
  7. Participating in board committees and special projects as needed

In addition to these responsibilities, board members are expected to act as ambassadors for the organization, promoting its work and values to the community and stakeholders. Board members are also responsible for upholding the organization's values and code of conduct, and acting with integrity and transparency in all their interactions on behalf of the organization.

Silverton Area Seniors, Inc.

Board Member Job Description


The Board will support the work of the Silverton Area Seniors, Inc. (a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization) (the Organization) and provide mission-related leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are led by the Organization's Executive Director, the Board/Executive Director relationship is a partnership, and the inter­action between them is both critical and expected. Specific Board Member responsibilities include:

Leadership, governance and oversight

  • Maintain membership in the Organization
  • Ensure prudent use of all Organization assets, including facility, people and good will
  • Attend meetings, be prepared for meetings by reading materials provided before meetings, participate in meeting discussions, and follow-up on commitments
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Report volunteer hours monthly to the Board Chair
  • Recognize any Conflicts of Interest you may have and tell the Board
  • Review and approve the annual budget. Review the monthly and annual financial statements
  • Be a trusted advisor to the Executive Director and the Organization
  • Contribute to the annual evaluation of the Executive Director
  • Ensure the Organization obeys all applicable laws, regulations and the Organization's Bylaws
  • Contribute your time, talents and money to the Organization commensurate (relative) to your capacity


The organization board members will consider the organization a philanthropic priority and make annual gifts that reflect that priority. So that the organization can credibly solicit contributions from foundations, organizations and individuals, the Organization expects to have 100 percent of Board Members make an annual contribution that is commensurate with their capacity.

Board Terms & Participation

The organization's board members will serve a three-year term for a maximum of two terms. Board meetings are held monthly. Service is without remuneration, except for administrative support, travel, and accommodation costs in relation to Board Member's duties and with prior approval of the Board.

As approved by the board of directors on December 11, 2018.

Section 9.2 of the Silverton Area Seniors, Inc. Bylaws

(a) A conflict of interest transaction is a transaction with the Corporation in which a director of the Corporation has a direct or indirect interest. A conflict of interest transaction is not voidable or the basis for imposing liability on the director if the transaction is fair to the Corporation at the time it was entered into or is approved as provided in Section 9.2(b).

(b) A transaction in which a director has a conflict of interest may be approved: ( 1) by the vote of the board of directors or a committee of the board of directors if the material facts of the transaction and the director's interest are disclosed or known to the board of directors or committee of the board of directors; or (2) by obtaining the approval of the Attorney General of the State of Oregon, or the circuit court in an action in which the Attorney General of the State of Oregon is joined as a party.

(c) For purposes of this Section 9.2, a director of the Corporation has an indirect interest in a transaction if another entity in which the director has a material interest or in which the director is a general partner is a party to the transaction; or another entity of which the director is a director, officer or trustee is a party to the transaction, and the transaction is or should be considered by the board of directors of the Corporation.

(d) For purposes of Section 9 .2(b ), a conflict of interest transaction is authorized, approved or ratified if it receives the affirmative vote of a majority of the directors on the board of directors or on the committee who have no direct or indirect interest in the transaction. A transaction may not be authorized, approved or ratified under this Section 9.2 by a single director. If a majority of the directors who have no direct or indirect interest in the transaction votes to authorize, approve or ratify the transaction, a quorum is present for the purpose of taking action under this Section 9.2. The presence of, 􀀿r a vote cast by, a director with a direct or indirect interest in the transaction does not affect the validity of any action taken under Section 9.2(b) if the transaction is otherwise approved as provided in Section 9,2(b).

Board Member General Obligations

Duty of Care

Take care of the nonprofit by ensuring prudent use of all assets, including facility, people and good will.

This includes:

  • Show up to meetings
  • Be prepared for meetings (read all materials provided before meeting)
  • Participate in meeting discussions
  • Follow-up on agreements made at meeting
  • Duty of Loyalty
  • Ensure that the nonprofit's activities and transactions are, first and foremost advancing its mission
  • Recognize and disclose conflicts of interest
  • Make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization (not the best interest of the individual board member)
  • Duty of Obedience
  • Ensure that the nonprofit obeys applicable laws and regulations
  • Follows its own Bylaws
  • Adheres to its state purpose/mission

Coming soon.

Special Message from Silverton Board Members

As Board President of the Silverton Senior Center I invite you to consider this letter of appeal.

Dear Community Members,

We are writing to let you know that the Silverton Senior Center needs your help. Covid-19 has had a negative impact on many of our community institutions, but its effect on the Senior Center has been devastating. Let us tell you why.

After Covid and the closing of local businesses, the Senior Center's primary source of funding, the ReVamp Thrift Store, ceased operations. ReVamp provided much of our operating income. During Covid, we ceased operations but continued to pay overhead while membership renewals declined and sponsorships ended. With the closing of ReVamp and the reduction in membership renewals and sponsorships, the Senior Center has had to use savings to continue to provide services to our local seniors. Those savings are now depleted.

The continued loss of revenue has put the Silverton Senior Center in jeopardy of closing. While the Board of Directors continues to pursue alternative sources of income, the reality is that most of these are medium to long term and will not develop to provide the immediate relief needed. The only course available is a direct appeal to the community. Won't you please consider making a financial contribution to save this vital community resource?

The Senior Center has a local membership of 580 plus many non-member visitors. We serve the senior community with programs that include art (knitting and painting studio), exercise (yoga and low impact aerobics), and games (pinochle, dominoes, bridge). The Senior Center also offers monthly outings for fellowship and conversation and hosts a twice-weekly foot clinic for seniors in our building. We receive daily calls seeking community resources. Many of the programs our seniors rely on will not continue without your support.

This place has been my second home for several years, I’m here almost every day. When my husband died in 2014, the Senior Center held a memorial service for him. I especially enjoy Wednesdays with the Knit Wits and the painting classes. I also have had the honor to serve on the board twice (luckily before COVID). The Silverton Senior Center saved my life.

—Senior Center Member age 94

There are many stories like this that highlight the important place the Senior Center plays in the lives of our aging and vulnerable community members.

Whenever a need has arisen in the Silverton area, our community has risen to meet that need. Please let us know that you'll join us in this community effort.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, we invite you to contact us.


Additionally donations can be sent directly to the center at 115 Westfield St. Silverton Oregon 97381.


Silverton Senior Center Board

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