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Upcoming Fundraising Event!

Casino Royale

Vintage casino dice and cards

21 and over

Friday, July 19, 2024

5:30pm - 10pm

At The Farm on Golden Hill

(11506 Kaufman Rd NE, Silverton)

Tickets are $40

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($50 at the door)

What happened at the Senior Center?

The pipes in the attic of the Senior Center had burst during the January freeze. We arrived to find a hole in the ceiling and a lot of water on the floor. At this point, we anticipate that the Senior Center will be closed for an extended period of time while repairs are made. We are in the capable hands of the City of Silverton, as they own the building. Stay tuned for updates.

If you are able to host some of our programs, please let us know.

To make an appointment with the new Executive Director, Simone Stewart, please call 503-873-3093 or email

For classes, games, social activities or monthly programs visit:

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